Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Poem by Ananda Leeke in honor of National Poetry Month

Ananda Leeke shares one of her poems for her new book "That Which Awakens Me"

Yoga and Writing


When I practice yoga, my ego disappears.
I merge into the Infinite.
We become one.
One Love.
One Creation.
One Vessel.
Messages pass through me.
They become stories, essays, poems, truisms, quotes, prayers,
affirmations, letters, e-mail messages, blog posts, and journal


I inhale and raise my hands above my head, pressing the palms
of my hands together.
My gaze is focused on my thumbs.
My head is balanced on my shoulders.
My shoulders are rolled back.
My heart shines forth.
My spine is long and strong.
My belly is soft but tucked in.
My arms hang gracefully with splayed fingers.
My legs support my core as my feet ground themselves to
Mother Earth.
In this space, I breathe in and out five times.
On my next inhalation, I come into a forward fold.
The blood rushes down from my head.
I get a buzz.
It feels like nirvana.
I take a deep breath and raise myself up one vertebrae at a
As I exhale, my arms find comfort by my side.
I stand in place for several moments, feeling the benefits of my
short practice.
The next moment encourages me to inhale and bring my
hands into prayer against my heart.
I close my practice chanting seven Oms.
Om in my spirit.
Om in my heart.
Om in my breath.
Om in my mind.
Om in my body.
Om in my thoughts.
Om in my writing.

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authoranandaleeke said...

TY for posting my poem on your blog during National Poetry Month. Many blessings.

Yakini said...

That was incredible.

I realized as I was reading it that I've never read any of Ananda's poetry before. You are truly, TRULY gifted, Miss Lady!