Monday, April 19, 2010

Poem by TaMara Campbell in honor of National Poetry Month

Heaven Never Kissed!

Heaven never kissed a soul the way you kissed mines
with tenderness as your lips gently pressed against my neck
lingering in the moment, I am lost in your eyes
captivated as I savor your sweet surprise
burning with an uncontrollable desire
moaning to feel you deep inside
I sigh….
breathing deep rhythmic breathes; my swelling lips beg to be hushed
let me soak in your delight as you caress my entire body exploring territory unknown
transcending reality into desire
I dare dream for this very moment
that we can escape on a voyage of ecstasy
allowing sexual passion to unleash
I seduce you….
conducting an intricate orchestration of eroticism
for you are my slave in this journey to the pinnacles of sexuality
and so shall it never end
such is the moment and the longing
I dream of this and wish for nothing more
than to be making love to you
and yes, my love I have been to heaven …

© 2006 by TaMara Campbell-Dillard for Love…The eXperience. All Rights Reserved.

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