Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Interview with Chris Hicks- Author of Think Volume 1: The Young Adults Guide to a Successful Relationship

1. How long have you been writing? When and why did it all begin?


I have been writing for two years now. I first started to write back in 2008, during that time I knew that I wanted to write but I couldn't decide on a topic. I didn't want to write about the streets and selling drugs or anything negative like that, but I really  wanted to write something that we all could relate to because not everyone gets exposed to the street life so I decided to write about relationships that's a touchy subject that almost all of us can relate to.  


2. What inspired your first project?


I wanted to write a book showing guys that its ok to treat women good, I wanted to paint a picture for the younger guys mostly letting them know that the "player" mentality is unacceptable, guys don't realize that women respond to the way we treat them, that's why I set a high standard for men so that they understand this message.


3.  Your first series of books are relationship based. Are there any other genre's you may consider?


I thought about doing a book about a message from a father to a daughter, and a teenager book talking about peer pressure and gang violence topics like that, so that's what's in store in the late future


4. What has been the most rewarding part of becoming an author?


The most rewarding part of becoming an author is knowing that my book actually helped someone, if you read the book I stress a lot about how this book is suppose to "wake you up" not just in relationships but life, so when someone comes to me and says "your book was great and it really opened my eyes" then that's rewarding to me because that's all I wanted to do from the beginning was help.


5. What is the most important lesson you've learned in your writing experience?


Take your time, read every contract, fine print, just take your time and do your research.


6. You're not only an author but you have established your own publishing company. What influence your decision to not only publish but create your own publishing entity?


I started my own publishing company because I wanted to have most of the control with this project, I had a vision that I wanted to get across and I knew I was the only one who could see the vision and bring it to the readers.


7. As a publishing company, what type of authors are you interested in working with?


The type of authors that I want to work with ideally would have to be like me, meaning someone who is very serious and passionate about their work, motivated ,hungry, someone who isn't scared to sacrifice, not willing to quite when things are not going their way, spiritual, honest and last someone I can trust.


8. If you could have one author as a mentor, who would it be? Why?


Hill Harper, because he gives back to the younger community and he talks about the positive issues as far as what it takes to make it in society today.


9. What words of wisdom would you give to an aspiring author?


Write what you feel, whatever comes to your mind write it down, don't be so easily discouraged, people are always going to tell you what u cant do or even try to bring your spirits down but don't let it get to you and understand that not everyone is going to like your work but that doesn't mean it isn't good enough.


10. What is normal day like for you? What do you do daily to stay motivated and keep your creativity flowing in your craft?


A normal day for me is my daughter and work. I'm constantly thinking and thinking, what can I do that another author isn't doing, I'm always trying to be fresh, relevant and different, but my daughter and her future is what keeps me motivated and ambitious.


11. What book is currently on your night stand?


Rich dad Poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki, I like to read books about business, real estate, investing things like that


12. If you had to suggest one book that you have read in your life that was a vital tool, what would it be?


I'm going to name two, Letter to a Young Brother by Hill Harper and Rich Pad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki


13. Your bio tells us that you are involved in volunteering. Tell our readers what volunteering means to you and why they should involve themselves in their communities?


It's so important to give back because a lot of kids and adults need help, they need motivation, hope and they need a reason to continue to live. That's what volunteering represents, lifting up peoples spirits and to let them know that they are not alone or forgotten. You should get involved with your community because that's what keeps our children safe and in school, if kids see hope they won't drop out of school or turn to crime because of the good they see. Kids try to become us, so if they see positive people helping that's what they will strive to become, that's why we need more role models in the community so kids have someone positive to look up to instead of the local drug dealer.  


Interesting/fun things about Chris…


14. What is currently heavy in rotation in your ipod/mp3 player/CD player?


The two cd's that I'm listening to now are Usher's new album Raymond vs Raymond and Trey Songs (ready) I'm in a romance mood right now.


15. If your life had a theme song what would it be?


If my life had a theme song right now, it would Drake "Over"


16. If you could visit any place in the world tomorrow without concern with expenses etc where would you go? Why?


If I could visit any place in the world it would be Egypt because its in Africa, this is where civilization began and I think Egypt has the best sites to see.


17. Studies have shown that color evokes emotion as well as tells you a lot about a person. If you were a crayon in the box of 120 crayola crayons, what color would you be?


Red meaning my passion and love...


**Since the topic of your book is relationships, I couldn't end this interview with asking a couple of questions about dating.


What are you thoughts on meeting people on the internet vs the traditional methods?


I don't see anything wrong with meeting people online, you just have to be extra careful because a lot of times you might not be talking to who you think you are talking to, there are scams and stalker online so you should be careful but I'm not against dating online


What would be your ideal first date?


My ideal first date would be something simple, we would have to go some place where we could have a meaningful conversation not so serious but have fun at the same time, so dinner first and depending on how much time is left in the night we could do another activity, it all depends on what kind of person she is and what she's wearing, if she is dressed up with a pretty dress and heels bowling or skating is out, but if she is dressed relaxed, a pair of jeans and sneakers then those two ideas are possibilities unless she's not into the both of them, but like I said it all depends, and that's what I call a simple date, just enough so we can get a feel for each other.


Are there any encouraging words of wisdom you would like to leave with our readers?


I want all my readers to know that if you have any goals or dreams keep working and pushing for them because you can reach each and every one of them. I'm here to tell you, I believe God puts certain people in our life for a reason and if you are reading this, then

you really are blessed because I know me being put in this position to tell you this isn't a mistake or accident. So to all my readers I'm proof that hard work really pays off.

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Yakini said...

Very interesting. :-) I agree, we totally need more African-American role models for our young folks.

And I too love Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad Poor Dad."